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Chuck Adams – President, HDM

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Most companies use this space to inundate you with ingratiating details about their organization, while we all know what you’re really looking for here is a digital media solution for yours. Well, we’re definitely not most companies and, anyway, we prefer to let our roster of satisfied clients do that kind of talking for us — or better yet— to let our work speak for itself.

We opt rather to occupy this space with one take-away about HDM – our promise: We will always ask the right questions and listen carefully to your answers in order to understand and respond to your individual needs; we will leverage our industry-leading talent and equipment to craft customized digital marketing and advertising solutions that work; and we will diligently support, service, and maintain our solutions for the lifetime of the account.

If you are truly interested in HDM’s unique position within the industry, our collective years of relevant market experience, or the awards and accolades bestowed upon us by our adoring fans, then by all means, let’s discuss it while we are mapping out a digital marketing plan designed exclusively for your business.

That’s what we’re about.

  • HDMTV is great for our advertising & marketing. We love the repetitions and impressions it drives for our ad campaigns.

    Fred Johnston, - Tire Engineers

  • We have greatly benefited from our relationship with HDM and look forward to our continued work together!

    Jim Carson, - Practice Manager, Southside Pain Specialists

  • We couldn’t have a better partner than HDM – from our digital menu boards to advertising on the HDMTV network – their team is great to work with.

    Van Sykes, - Owner, Bob Sykes Bar B Q


Chuck Adams



Steve Harrell

Director of Operations


Wayne Pullen

Business Developer


Karen Brown

Content & Marketing Manager


Larry Daughety

President Emeritus

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the act of solving a problem,


  • HDMTV’s location-based advertising network provides companies with a way to connect with today’s active consumer. By building brand awareness, increasing consumer reach and amplifying targeting messages we increase campaign effectiveness while providing viewers with relevant and entertaining content.
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Digital Menu Boards

  • Digital Menu Boards are one of the fastest growing digital segments because they help restaurant owners increase sales. DMB’s are the perfect way to engage and influence customers at the point of sale by promoting high-value menu items & daily specials. Menu pricing and items can be updated easily and efficiently.
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Digital Signage

  • Digital Signage provides companies with the mechanism to dynamically engage customers and employees. From “Owning” the purchasing moment, to internal communication, to way-finding, Digital Signage delivers a great ROI for retail, healthcare, automotive, education and transportation verticals.
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Content Development

  • Video, animation, copy writing or graphic design, HDM can deliver your content solution. We’ll help you develop a strategic plan that communicates key objectives and influences clients. Everything from brand awareness to point of purchase impulse buys; our clients are always “content” with our content.
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proc·ess [präˌses,ˈpräsəs,ˈprō-/]

A series of actions taken in order to achieve a particular end:

1. Connect

Step one, let’s get together — a meeting of the minds – and engage in a conversation about your individual project needs. We will ask the right questions, listen carefully to your answers, and begin to formulate the ideas that will ultimately produce your digital marketing solution.

2. Design

Next we apply our detailed understanding of your digital marketing and advertising needs to create the plan and produce the schematic by which a fully-customized, scalable digital media solution will be achieved. Upon completion of the planning & design, we’ll present you with a proposal with prioritized recommendations.

3. Develop

If you decide to move forward with the plan, our detailed scope of work becomes the blueprint we follow to build a digital marketing platform. Scaffolded by your stated objectives and industry best practices, our solution will integrate seamlessly into your existing programs — and we’ll accomplish all of this within budget.

4. Service

Our goal is to deliver high-level support and service for all of our digital media solutions for the lifetime of the account. Your rep is a phone call, text, or email away from answering any questions or addressing any issues that might arise.

If you do not see the exact solution you are looking for listed here,
shoot us an email or give us a call.
The odds are good that we can make your idea happen.

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exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something;

BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama

HDMTV Advertiser

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers

Retail Digital Signage

Red Diamond

Content Creation Services

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

HDMTV Advertiser - PSA Spots

The Fish Market

Digital Menu Boards

American Family Care

HDMTV Advertiser/Hosting Location

McWane Science Center

HDMTV Advertiser

FMS Pharmacy

HDMTV Advertiser/Content Creation

Bob Sykes Bar B Q

Digital Menu Boards

Budget Mobile

Retail Digital Signage

Feld Entertainment

HDMTV Advertiser

Nothing But Noodles

Digital Menu Boards

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01 more thing – digital media bits is the HDM Blog.

Right Place Right Time Location-Based Advertising

Today, business and technology are inseparably entwined. In fact, they always have been. Technology (even primitive applications) combined knowledge and tools in order to exponentially increase the productivity and output of human work. And since the dawn of civilization business has by design revolved around real estate.

Real property (comprising natural resources such as water, flora, minerals, and later crops and human constructs) was the fundament of early commerce – the value derived by measuring its desired intrinsic attributes (read products) against the practical proximity to places necessary to obtain the optimum usage from it (read convenience). This valuation ultimately produced the oft quipped answer to an age-old question that has become an elemental business maxim. Q: What are the three most important tenets of the real estate industry?  A: Location, location, location.    

Technological advancements continued to foment revolutionary changes — and business boomed.  With the advent of the machine age, and subsequently, the oil age, the atomic and the space age, commercial endeavors skyrocket, and marketing and advertising are elevated to an art form.

As the information age hits full stride, the location adage, it turns out, has more relevance than ever before, and it applies directly to the future of marketing and advertising. So much so that a recent report for CMOs and media buyers, produced by Screen Media Daily, the international information source for digital-place-based-out-of-home-media, proclaimed: location is the new currency of marketing

CMOs Pursuing Digital Place-based Media are On the Right Track

It’s not always easy being a CMO. The position often seems to require its inhabitant to embody, with equal aplomb, an amalgam of professional specialties: business executive, scientist, entertainer (song and dance act) and cheerleader, for sure, with maybe a little witch doctor thrown in for good measure.

As digital media delivery continues to mature, and its use as a key marketing and advertising source enters the next phase of colossal expansion, the CMOs that prove to be most successful will be those who are the most adaptable. That said, they can also learn a lesson or two by taking cues from the playbook of a much older profession, in fact, from the oldest profession in the world, (no, not that one) namely: the hunter-gatherer.

Goodbye BCS, Hello CFP, and What’s New on HDMTV?


It’s heating up in Alabama, folks, and no, I’m not speaking of the temperature. (Although, that’s always a hot topic in these parts.)  No, I am speaking here, of course, about the perennial anticipation of football season — and no offense to any other football league intended — specifically NCAA Division I football.  

And that should be no big surprise to anyone, especially when you consider the fact that seven of the last eight national championships have been won by SEC teams — and four of those eight SEC national championship trophies now reside right here in this HOT state. After thoroughly dominating the second half of the now defunct BCS title era, it is now up to the future to determine what the new College Football Playoff (CFP) has in store for football’s elite SEC programs.  

Here’s what we do know:  Computer rankings and polls are out.  Replaced by a committee of 13 “experts” to select and seed the teams – this will be the first time that a bracket system is used to determine a top level NCAA  football championship.

Under the playoff system, four teams play in two semifinal games, with the winners advancing to the new College Football Championship Game.  Six Bowl Games: Rose/Sugar, Orange/Cotton, and Fiesta/ Peach will serve as hosting pairs for semi-final games on a three-year rotation. The venue for the big game is selected based on bids submitted from cities – much like for the Super Bowl.    

The CFP is contractually in place through the 2025 season via an agreement with ESPN, which owns the next twelve years of broadcast rights to all the games –- to the tune of about $7.3 billion. 

Never content to be side-lined when matters of new business related to NCAA football arise, HDM also has an important announcement to make: Highlands Digital Media and WVTM/Alabama’s 13 have agreed to distribute original sports content across HDMTV’s Alabama footprint.

The programming, produced by Alabama’s 13 sports department, will include the following segments:

  • “Top Sports Stories of the Day”  – comprehensive reporting on Alabama, Auburn, and UAB sports, this segment also addresses the top national, state and local sports stories of the day.
  • Burger Bytes:  Alabama’s 13 Kyle Burger reports on the lighter side of the local sports scene 
  • Feature sports stories and interviews will round out the programming package. 

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